About Us

Our mission is to unite people in the Way of Jesus.

Our Story

Mosaic began in May 2021 as a collaboration between two churches in Manhattan, KS: Tallgrass Community Church and The Well.

Leading two smaller churches through the pandemic season had been exhausting and difficult for both leadership teams. So when Ben Deaver and Josh Siders (lead pastors of both churches) grabbed their semi-regular coffee together in late spring 2021, the question, “Could we be better together?”, quickly became an idea: “Let’s meet together for a couple Sunday mornings in May and see what God might do.”

Not only did we get a clear sense that God might be in this collaboration, but we continued to meet together through the summer. By fall 2021 we were ready to affirm that we definitely were better together and should get married/merged! We called ourselves “Tallgrass at The Well” – a temporary mash-up name that conveyed the unique reality and story of our church.

On January 1, 2022, we officially approved our first joint budget and merged our financial systems and began the internal work of revisioning. Then on December 4, 2022, we officially unveiled the culmination of our work with our new name: Mosaic Church! From the beginning our church has been a unique picture of bringing different pieces together to create a more beautiful and compelling whole. We’re eager to lean into this next season together as Mosaic Church. There’s a place for you!

Staff & Elders

Our Staff and Elders work together to lead the church and equip the saints (all believers!) for the works of ministry.  Mosaic Staff are paid, enabling them to spend more time executing church operations and leadership development.  Our Elders serve similarly but for limited periods of time and are not paid.  Both Staff and Elders aspire to the qualifications for Elders listed in scripture.  Read more about our Elder Qualifications. Contact our entire Elder Team at any time at elders@mosaicmhk.com.

Ben Deaver

Co-Pastor, Elder

Josh Siders & Sarah Siders

Co-Pastor, Elder | Outreach Pastor, Elder

Elisha Hillegeist

Family Pastor, Elder

Ron Goodman


Mike Salsbury



Mosaic Church exists to unite people in the Way of Jesus.

It all starts with God. With His initiative of love and redemption toward us. And everything we are and do flows out of that reality. We love because he first loved us (1 John 4:19). We love God and others, not in order to earn His love and acceptance, but because we already have it! Because of the Good News that Jesus has already secured that for us through His work on the cross.

So it’s not about earning. It’s about gratitude. It’s not about religion. It’s about relationship.

In our increasingly divided culture, we seek to unite people in the Way of Jesus. We aren’t interested in building unity around political ideologies, ecclesiological preferences, or socio-economic strata. Instead, like a mosaic, we seek unity in the midst of diversity. Unity around the person and work of Christ. Diversity in almost everything else within the bounds of orthodoxy.


Renewal over Religion
Healing over Hiding
Grace over Shame
Engagement over Avoidance
Service over Self


Mosaic affirms historic creeds like the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed. We also affirm the 1974 Lausanne Covenant.

Mosaic is a part of The Wesleyan Church.


You don’t have to be a member of Mosaic to be a part of our church family. But we encourage those who want to plug in and call Mosaic their home to become official members. This helps us get to know you better, communicate about our vision and ministry, and give you opportunities to speak in to church issues and develop and serve as a leader.

As we continue to work through our merger process, we’ll be updating and clarifying this membership process.

In the meantime, for more about Mosaic’s view of and vision for membership, watch Ben Deaver’s teaching on Membership in the Household of God (from the Tallgrass Church days). If you’re interested in membership or want to ask questions, contact Ben at bendeaver@mosaicmhk.com or plan to join us at the next Pizza with the Pastors