Mosaic Church

Additions to Our Finance Team

Finance Team

The elders of Mosaic Church are excited to announce the addition of Ryan Casey and Justin Kastner to our Finance Team.

Elder Recommendation

Elder Recommendation

The elders of Mosaic Church are excited to announce the recommendation of Susie Kastner to our Elder Team.

Volunteer Celebration

Volunteer Celebration

Our ministry teams are the lifeblood of Mosaic Church. To show our appreciation for you, our pastors invite you to join us on Sunday, October 22 right after our worship gathering for our Volunteer Celebration.

Special New Year’s Video

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We’re not meeting in-person today and instead invite you to engage with this pre-recorded teaching about two practical tools you can use to lean into growth and connection in 2023. In fact, we’ll be leaning into these tools together as a church family!

Tallgrass at The Well is now Mosaic Church

On Sunday, December 4, 2022 we had a special family meeting after church to eat lots of tacos, celebrate what God’s done through this interim Tallgrass at The Well season, speak to loss, and reveal our new name, logo, mission, and vision. Check out the recording if you missed.

Tallgrass at The Well Appreciates Our Pastors

Pastor appreciation

Our pastors are certainly appreciated. In this announcement, two of our Elders, Ron Goodman and Mike Salsbury, recognize and bless our pastors for the work they do for each of us. We’d also encourage you to write a card or email to them as well to express your gratitude whether in person or via their emails below.

Baptism & Testimonies Celebration


Want to watch something uplifting? It’s hard to beat this! On Sunday, October 30, we celebrated the baptisms and testimonies of John and James Siders, Benji and Jack Geldart, Ethan and Cyndi Donsbach, and Amanda Costello. Check these out and celebrate with us!