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Your mental health and wellness matters to God and it matters to us. But church isn’t necessarily the place people think to turn when they’re struggling with mental health. In fact, church may be a contributing factor to your distress, even causing further despair.

Mosaic is a community where we can name our hurts and struggles and seek to heal while supporting one another.


View our Care & Wellness Page with resources and recommendations for crisis and ongoing support.


1. Rituals For Renewal

Josh Siders | Oct 29, 2023

2. Reflection

Sarah Siders | Nov 5, 2023

3. The Soul’s Search For Healing

Josh Siders | Nov 12, 2023

4. Transformation Of The Mind

Ben Deaver | Nov 19, 2023

5. Mindful Of Others

Justin Kastner | Nov 26, 2023


We would love to hear your story about your journey of mental health and wellness.

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